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Рецензии на World Music Central от Angel Romero

28 Февраля 2016

Новые рецензии на альбомы Барака «Трибьют Наргиз»(2014) и Ят-Ха «Концерт в Бродячей собаке»(2015) изданные на нашем лейбле Sketis Music написаны американским журналистом Angel Romero.

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ранее далее

Transfixing Tuvan Rock

Yat-Kha – Live at Stray Dog Club (Sketis Music SKMR-115, 2015)

This live album showcases the transfixing music style developed by Tuvan throat singer Albert Kuvezhin. Although Kuvezhin founded the traditional throat-singing group Huun Huur Tu, his greatest achievement is Yat-Kha, a genre-defying band that mixes overtone Tuvan music with rock. Some call it ethno-rock, others world music, but whatever you call it, it’s a groundbreaking form of music that brings an ancient Siberian tradition to European rock clubs.

Live at “Stray Dog Club” was originally released by Yat-Kha in 2011. The Sketis Music label has re-released, providing a much larger distribution and marketing effort and therefore reaching a significant audience.

On Live at “Stray Dog Club” you’ll find Kuvezin’s characteristic vocal drones and fascinating growls accompanied by a mix of western and Tuvan musical instruments.

The lineup on this album includes Albert Kuvezhin on vocals and guitar; Evgeny Tkachev on drums, mandolin and backing vocals; Sholban Mongush on vocals, igil (2 or 3-stringed Tuvan fiddle with a carved wooden horse’s head attached to the top of the neck), temir-khomus (Tuvan jew’s harp); and Alex Saaya on bass, clarinet, backing vocals

Live at “Stray Dog Club” is a stunning performance by one of the most alluring artists from Siberia.

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Baraka Honors Nargis Bandishoyeva

Baraka – Tribute to Nargis (Sketis Music SKMR-099, 2013)

Ethno-jazz band Baraka dedicates this album to Pamir singer Nargis Bandishoyeva. During the Soviet era, Nargis was the first vocalist who performed on the stage in the Shugnan language, which is spoken in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The singer was adored by her nation and during her life gained real fame throughout Tajikistan. In the early 1990s, her life was sadly cut short in a car accident.

Baraka, based in Latvia, is known for mixing jazz with traditional music from various parts of the world. It’s what some call ethno-jazz or world jazz. In this case, the focus is on the music of Tajikistan, in Central Asia. Baraka’s band leader, percussionist and arranger Dmitry Evsikov along with his daughter Devika (vocals, bass) delve into genuine Tajik and Pamir folk music. On Tribute to Nargis, the music selections includes recreations of original compositions by Oleg Fesov and other composers together with some traditional pieces arranged by Dmitry Evsikov.

Throughout the album, Devika sings heartfelt ballads and love songs in various languages, including Farsi, Shugnan, Dari and Pashto. The music is characterized by the use of Central Asian percussion, electric piano and saxophones, developing an East meets West fusion.

The booklet includes the memories of Nargis collected by Dmitry and Devika. The poetry of Omar Khayyam and Rumi is interlaced with the works of modern Tajik poets.

The lineup on Tribute to Nargis includes Devika Evsikova on vocals and bass; Denis Pashkevich on tenor and soprano saxophone, flute; Raivo Stashans on soprano saxophone, flute; Normund Piesis on flugelhorn; Vilnis Kundrats on tenor saxophone; Alex Suris on accordion (and also cover design), Madars Kalnins on piano, Rhodes piano; Artem Sarvi on piano, Rhodes piano; Egor Kovaikov on guitar, acoustic guitar; Zigmund Zukovsky on bass; Andris Grunte on upright bass; Stanislav Judin on double bass; Andrey Markin on fretless bass, rhythm acoustic guitar; Andrey Orlov on bass; and Dmitry Evsikov on percussion.

Tribute to Nargis features a set of effectively crafted songs embracing contemporary jazz and the musical traditions of Central Asia.

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