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Рецензии на CD от Inside World Music: Василий Евхимович. Колесная лира, аккордеон и Василий Евхимович

02 Ноября 2015



ранее далее

Vasily Evhimovich is a talented vocalist, accordion player, and hurdy-gurdy specialist on his latest recording, Hurdy Gurdy, Accordion, and Vasily Evhimovich. Vasily brings in a few other vocalists for acapella singing. Most of the time, Vasily plays the accordion or hurdy-gurdy along with the vocal segments. Based on the Volga River, Vasily recorded the album in his studio workshop. The folk songs originate from the Oka River region, as well as Belgorod, Northern Russia, Siberia, and Tatarstan. The drone of the accordion or hurdy-gurdy provide contemplative and entrancing moments between purely vocal parts. Over seventy-minutes of music and nineteen songs round out the album. The song titles are translated in Russian and English on the album back. Fans of Russian vocal music, folk music, and traditional instruments will find it most satisfying. ~ Matthew Forss